X-Rays allow us to visualize internal organs including the heart, lungs, and the musculoskeletal system, in both routine and emergency situations.

The benefit of Digital X-Rays over traditional X-Rays include:

  • Fast acquisition of images – A digital x-ray takes only a matter of seconds without using film and with fewer retakes of images.
  • Improved patient care through better image quality.
  • It requires less radiation per exposure to produce a higher quality x-ray.
  • It allows for Remote Diagnosis via the internet – Images can be sent by internet when the opinion of a specialist is in the best interest of the patient.
  • The images are easily stored for future reference.
  • Digital X-Rays allow us to view the film as a two dimensional image.

Digital X-Rays

Your health is our utmost concern. Here at MEDIX LAB, we offer Digital X-rays that emits radiation that is half the amount of a traditional x-ray.

Our digital radiograph x-ray offers a more precise way of assessing and diagnosing possible problems. The resolution is phenomenal. The exam is much less time consuming. The pictures are taken immediately and are transferred to the computer. Your radiologist will be able to review the results with you, which can be enhanced or enlarged. X-rays are very important as it guides your radiologist in better evaluating your condition and needs.